Flowers, Crafts and Collectibles

Grand Slam Marketplace in St Louis opened in 2010 and covers more than 10 acres, with 150 dealers, every week Wednesday through Sunday. More and more people each week browse, buy & trade in this in-door bargain hunters' paradise. It's the newest and nicest Flea Market Mall in the St Louis area... where you'll find:

  • electronics
  • comics
  • cards
  • crafts
  • collectibles
  • silk plants & flowers
  • jewelry
  • furniture
  • clothing
  • garage sale bargains 
  • & more. 

So come for the shopping or just for the fun of it. Grand Slam Marketplace where the fun never stops and you can always shop for the best deals in St Louis. Grand Slam Marketplace is why shopping, festivals & family fun were invented!

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