Storage guide from Grand Slam Storage Center in St. Louis, Missouri

Need help? We have all your bases covered.

Need help figuring out how much storage space you need? How about tips for efficient ways to pack both your boxes and your storage space. Let Grand Slam Storage Center be your one-stop storage solution. We can advise you on the storage size that best meets your needs, answer your storage questions, provide you with boxes and packing materials, offer storage tips and a moving guide.

    Need Supplies? We have all your bases covered.

    Below is a partial list of supplies that are available at Grand Slam Storage Center. Call ahead and we will happy to have your order ready for you when you arrive!


    • Boxes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large
    • Dish Packing Kits: To protect all of your valuable dishware
    • Glassware Packing Kits
    • Wardrobe Boxes: To store your clothing
    • Picture/Mirror Boxes
    • VCR/Electronics Boxes
    • Boxes for Files and Records


    • Mattress Covers; all sizes
    • Furniture Covers
    • Car Tarps


    • White Packing Paper (using newspaper will soil your valuables)
    • Packing Tape
    • Rope
    • Foam Peanuts
    • Bubble Wrap
    • Tape Dispensers
    • Markers & Labels
    • Utility Knives
    • Damp Rid Containers and Refills
    • Canvas Gloves
    • Locks

    Need Answers? We have all your bases covered.